We are able to purchase your (Family) Company

DS & LS Capital B.V. is trying to get listed on the Euronexxt Stock Market in Amsterdam through a SPAC. Shares of EUR. 10,= are available now, send an email to "info@dslscapital.com"

Our Companies;

DS & LS International B.V.

This is a large import and export company in (Fresh) Food, also import and export for Scrap metals and other metals. They took over the activities of Konstructiebedrijf Hercules.

Waldorff Industrial


Our industrial holding in Germany, under this holding are real estate and steel companies in Germany.

Dura Wonen B.V.

This is an installation company for Solar Panels, Airco's, Batteries and other substainability projects.

High Tech Fund (SPAC)

In This new part of our Group is a High Tech fund. This fund has shares of Nvidia, ASML, ASMI, BE Semiconductors Ind., Apple, Intel, AMG.

Woohoo Park B.V.

This is one of our companies, activities are labour activities and brokerage for spare part industry.

Bedrijfspensioenfonds DS & LS Capital Group of Companies B.V.

This is our group pension fund, for all our related companies.

About us

The investment company DS & LS Capital B.V. are owned by 2 private persons, both for 50% of the shares. The managing director of the this investment company is Mr. Olyvier Rijnbeek, email "olyvier.rijnbeek@dslscapital.com" phone number +31 641684200.


Our own Pension plan for our Companies

Bedrijfspensioenfonds DS & LS Capital B.V. Group of Companies

All DS & LS Capital B.V. companies and their employees can join our Pension Fund, the employees have to pay only 5 year premium, after that period the pension fund is premium free.

Who can join our

Pension Plan 

Only companies which are owned by our Investment company DS & LS Capital B.V. are able to join the pension plan for their employees. 

Pension plan details;

As mentioned before this extremely profitable pension plan is only for companies who belongs to DS & LS Capital B.V.. This pension fund is able to help companies with cash flow problems, by paying the salaries for maximum period of 6 months, conditions are than that;

a) The shares of this company belongs to DS & LS Capital B.V.;

b) Transfer of value of the previous pension fund;

c) Accepting the reorganisation of the company by the consultants/lawyers of DS & LS Capital B.V.;

Contact details for the pension fund is;

Mrs. R. Chedi

Email "gita.chedi@dslscapital.com" &  "pesioenen@dslscapital.com"

Phone number +31 623401740

Contact us

If your have any questions regarding our company, please contact us